Each case is photographed and assigned a unique number that ensures our client’s’ physical stock matches their Vinvault online portfolio description. 

Wines are stored in The Vine, LCB Tilbury, a fully secured government bonded warehouse with CCTV. Its average temperature is maintained at 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and a humidity level of 60- 65% which creates the optimal condition for storing fine wine. IG Wines also have storage facilities in Geneva.

Mindful of client’s concern for the physical safety of their wine holdings, IG Wines ensures complete division in the storage of company stock and that of the investor. When requested by clients, wine can be shipped to their own personal bonded warehouse account, or home if preferred.

All assets stored with IG Wines are insured at market value. Storage and insurance is charged at £10 per case per year pro rata.

Cases can be delivered within 48 hours in the UK, worldwide delivery is also available using experienced and efficient wine carriers. Wine kept in bond is not subject to VAT on resale, wine removed from bond is subject to duty and VAT.

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